We are a Non-Profit, Non-Religious Charitable Trust in India, registered at Itarsi of Hoshangabad District in the state of Madhya Pradesh, INDIA.

Our mission is to serve and help the needy and underprivileged people of the society in and around the District of Hoshangabad in the field of Education, Health care etc; and implement different multipurpose community development schemes.

Rural and Tribal Development organization is established by Dr. D.V JAYAKUMAR M.A; B.Th; B.D (MBA); Ph.D (Founder and Managing Trustee), with the intention of developing rural areas and tribal people.

According to Gandhian Philosophy, any nation can develop, only if the villages of that nation develop first. Hence our organization has selected rural areas for the all round development.

Most of the area of  Madhya Pradesh is covered with mountains and forests and hence development is slow. Many of the areas are cut off from the main stream of life due to not having any approach/link roads. The district Hoshangabad is also of such area where development is very essential as most of the villages are tribal populated.

This organization has initially taken up awareness campaigns to eradicate polio, AIDS, T.B, child labour and illiteracy in 15 villages around the target area.

As literacy is the Forerunner of all developmental activities, this organization would like to enter first of all into the field of education. Literacy in Madhya Pradesh state and especially in the target area is very less due to forests, tribal domination and also due to lack of sufficient funds with the local Government.

After 3 years of service in the villages through awareness campaigns, this organization would like to serve the target area more and so has registered the organization as a charitable Trust to receive funds through government as well as from non-government channels.

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